Do-It-Yourself Christmas: Thrifty Gifts

20 Dec

{Do-It-Yourself Christmas: Thrifty Gifts} The yuletide has arrived, bringing a silvery wave of gift giving. Yet, a tight budget can bring out the Grinch in us all when comparing ongoing bills and wish lists. No need to fear, Thrifty Vintage Chic is here with a couple tips to create a holiday that’s abundantly heartfelt!

Through life events and occupational training, I’ve become a master of making something out of nothing. So whether I feel particularly crafty or financially limited, hitting up thrift stores is a brilliant way to make something out of nothing, while creating a result that warms and pleases.

Poetic Purple Shelves: These beat up matching shelves were $3 each and while it was easy to see why — with chipped paint and knicks in the wood — I also saw they had great potential for making a dramatic statement with the right coat of paint. Here’s the transformation:

Chic & Classic Candlesticks: This pair of vintage cast iron candlesticks are just the sort that Professor Plum was caught red-handed with in the Ballroom! Priced at $5 each, the cost was worth the value of the pair which were coated in a black and chipping paint. With some creative genius and a couple remnant paints, the transition from dowdy gothic to fresh, chic and whimsical was made complete:

Sustainable Cards:
Although some thrift shops do have an inventory of boxed holiday cards, this year we made our cards in two differing ways. First, we made cards out of cards! We took last years cards, which were so beautiful that it felt like a crime to throw them away, and my son cut out the main portion of the illustrations. Then, we glued the cut-out onto scrapbooking filler pages folded and cut into card dimensions. For extra pizazz, my crafty little one had a blast adding the glitter glue to the edges of the cards’ elements.

For our second type of card, we again used the scrap book filler pages cut as a single panel to fit into a No. 10 envelope. Then, we dug into our wrapping paper and pulled various designs and combined the elements into our own creative holiday greeting! Fortunately, we had all of these items at our fingertips, so this year our Christmas cards cost “zero dollars” and the memories we created in making our cards: priceless!

{So} What’s the Take-Away?

It really is the thought that counts.

shh! A sneak peak into what's under the Wallace Christmas tree this year!

… Spending lots of money is only optional, and it really doesn’t mean you love someone any more, nor does it mean that if you handcraft your gifts — or thrift your gifts — that you love someone less. Giving a gift, no matter what kind, means you think enough about someone to care that they feel loved during a special time of year.

And, thrifting a gift means you care about yourself as a fiscally responsible person, as well as being eco-conscious citizen in opting for re-using, recycling and re-creating sustainable gifts — and those are gifts which no matter who is giving or receiving, it benefits us all!

Silver trinket box: $3, Salvation Army.


{So} however you choice to spread holiday cheer, be sure to know that you don’t have to sacrifice the purse for giving the gift of love … And if showing up with a wrapped package in hand is what it requires, remember your local thrift shop has a ton of bric-a-brac waiting for your tender loving care, not to mention all the items that are ready for a big shiny bow as-is!


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One Response to “Do-It-Yourself Christmas: Thrifty Gifts”

  1. Dawn O'The Atoms December 22, 2010 at 12:33 AM #

    These are all so beautiful! Love ’em all, but especially love the cards. The idea of creating cards out of cards and using what is already used in a different, creative way saves tons of wear and tear on our precious resources. Also gives the mind a creative workout. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Robin, and a Happy and Abundant New Year!


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