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20 Great Looks of 2010 from Thrifty Vintage Chic

29 Dec

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2010: The last year of the first decade of the 21st century … now, that context absolutely shouts why this year was a milestone.

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How-to Make a Costume: Shop Your Closet Tips

27 Dec

{How-to Make a Costume: Shop Your Closet Tips} As the journey of 2010 concludes, we are bound for grand adventures in 2011. But what if it includes an epic event with period garb to match? Continue reading

Some Very, Merry Down-Home Christmas Wishes

24 Dec

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From the Wallace Homestead Farm in Pennsylvania to the outskirts of Boston — including the Philadelphia suburbs and upstate New York, me and my family wish you and yours the very best of times today, and always! Continue reading

‘Thrift Wars’ Goes Roaring ’20s

22 Dec

{Thrift Wars: Goes Roaring ’20s} Thrifty Vintage Chic is going head-to-head with Sammy Davis Vintage in an episode of “Thrift Wars” — a brand new show on YouTube. Continue reading