Giving Thanks with Thrift Shopping Tips

26 Nov

Thanksgiving has been given and now it’s onward to the jubilant holiday season of spreading cheer with love and gift-giving! Thrift stores stand as a source of hidden treasures, moreover, they can mean a place for blessings.

My son and I recently took a trip over to Long Island where there is a special little place — yes, a thrift store, but not just any thrift store. It is one where all proceeds help fulfill the needs of homeless boys in terms of housing, education and vocational training, as well as love.

As a mother, how the Timothy Hill Children’s Ranch began as a vision of a little boy and grew into what it is today, gives me goose bumps. But you’ll have to watch the video for this amazing story of tragedy-turned-triumph … plus, a healthy dose of holiday thrift store tips!

Now, whether or not you are able to stop by, peruse the inventory, and make a purchase to help this very worthy cause — you can still help the Timothy Hill Children’s Ranch. Here’s how, just click below and vote! (You can login using your Facebook profile, and no spam will head your direction … )

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