Wearing My High School Levi’s Cut-Off Jean Shorts

16 Nov

There they were — laying in the bottom of my drawer — a relic from yesteryear and unlike many things in my closet, the relic was from my own yesteryear, rather than generations’ decades past. I chuckled, reaching for them — really, it was a joke: to fit into one’s shorts from junior and senior high school years? yeah, right!

But, I was flabbergasted: I pulled the vintage Levi’s up over my knees and they didn’t hit an ounce of resistance! No sucking in, no struggling to button up, just wahla! Granted the jean shorts (that are so vintage that they have no spandex woven into them for wiggle room) do fit me differently today then when I was 15.

Yet, it’s 15 years later, one child born and one TBI survived. I think maybe filling the shorts out in a womanly way is now allowed, especially if I am not sausage rolling myself into them just to claim bragging rights.

Needless to say, I was positively giddy to be donned in my absolutely favorite shorts from high school. But since fall is upon us, I had to dress up the short-shorts wearing with the tights-underneath style that is all the rage nowadays … still, I added in my own flair. Here are the details:




How Much for ‘Wearing My High School Levi’s Cut-Off Jean Shorts’? $53

$0 Vintage Levi’s Cut-off Shorts (hand-me-downs)
$0 Costume Amethyst & Gun Metal Ring (gifted)
$2 1980s Liz Clairborne Lace Blouse (Thrift Store, Towanda, PA)
$6 White Gable-Style Tights (Target)
$15 Black Lace Scarf (Arts Echo Galleria, Manhattan, NY)
$30 Mary Jane Style Patent Leather Wedges (Marshalls)

{So} What’s the Take-Away?

Set lifetime well-being goals through fashion!

No doubt, I have good genes … because of that, PLUS some hard work and discipline, I can still fit into my high school jeans! Yet, regardless of what kind of gene pool I come from, it really is up to me to keep my “girlish” figure … or in reality, to keep my maturing girlish figure within a womanly proportion that is going to keep me healthy — mentally and physically — for a long life filled with happiness and fulfillment.

CLICK to see more images from this Thrifty Vintage Chic outfit series!

We all set goals but the goals mean nothing unless there is a physical way to measure our progress and in a roundabout way, hanging on to my favorite high school jeans (although that was not the original intention) is a means for me to see how I am doing in my goal of keeping my figure in the single digit of sizes until the day I die.

Now, with vanity sizing constantly fluctuating — not to mention from brand-to-brand, I don’t measure my progress in staying fit by a single size, because today’s size 4 is different than 10 years ago and what it might be in 10 years from now. So a measuring tape to actually know your dimensions, is a great way to maintain a goal, or by hanging onto your equivalence of “high school vintage Levi’s jeans shorts” will help you know where you stand today in comparison to yesterday and then where you want to be tomorrow.

Most importantly, the thing to remember is that no matter where you are on your journey of maintaining your figure or fitness goals, don’t settle for the excuses.

After I had my son, I weighed a decent amount and while the scale wasn’t tipping that much, my body certainly didn’t look the same — some of that will never go back to pre-baby body — but my muscle tone certainly could.

So instead of giving into the excuse of — “well, I am a mother now, and I look better than most women who’ve had a child,” or, “I am too busy and tired to try to stay in shape”, I found little ways to work on my fitness.

While I brushed my teeth, I did toe raises, while pushing him on the swing I did squats, while nursing, I did glut clenches … so even in the most routine and mundane parts of life, we can discover little ways to maintain some portion of fitness.

Even last year, when I gained a full 15 pounds in just two months from the steroids I was on to help save my brain and reduce the bleeding, it was very tempting to adopt the attitude of — “Well, I am 30 now, and I’ve had a kid, and I am no spring chicken any more — cellulite and grandma arms are practically expected at this age.”

Yet, it was my goal that I set long ago — about at the age of 15 — which held me to account. If I give in now, at 30, where does that leave me at 40, 50, 60? Who do I want to be? So with that reminder, I have slowly eased back into working out and being conscious of what and when I eat.

Most days I don’t have an hour to devote to running or going to the gym …

… but I do have 30 seconds as the bath water is warming up to quick do a set of push-ups, or to get in a dozen sit-ups as my son picks out a bed time book … or to stretch those hamstrings while we play Lincoln Logs on the floor.

Now, after 15 years and a couple curve balls of a normal life, I am still fitting into my high school jeans — thanks to this nickle and dime approach. Today, the new goal is to still fit into these shorts in another decade! What’s your goal?

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4 Responses to “Wearing My High School Levi’s Cut-Off Jean Shorts”

  1. Helen Ann February 16, 2011 at 1:49 AM #

    Hi Robin, I have been following your blog since you appeared on the Nate Berkus show. I like your style and have been fascinated with your derring-do. Sometimes I wish that I could be your proofreader, though. I suspect that your black shoes are patent leather, not patton.


    • Thrifty Vintage Chic February 16, 2011 at 6:47 AM #

      That’s fabulous (your following) and best of all is the notion of being associated with the phrase derring-do! I wonder what Errol Flynn would think? Certainly, he would not approve of such mistakes, which you’ve graciously pointed out (and since corrected).

      It’s an interesting issue as I have prided myself on my copy editing professionally, yet now it’s a two-fold storm — 1. proofing your own work is never watertight, and secondly, since my brain injury, using words has proven a challenge. Simple things like — to, too, two; your, you’re; or where, wear, were — which I know ardently, I often write out incorrectly and sometimes never even see the mistake. Alas, it seems I should find an editor! Let me know if you are interested in the position!



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