Archive | October, 2010

Why a Man with Stylish Socks is a Turn-On

31 Oct

Could simply wearing the right pair of socks land you a second date? This NYC fashionista thinks so … Here’s my quick how-to for you, gentlemen. Boost your style and your chances of scoring — great fashion, of course! Continue reading


Halloween Costume Shopping & Various Vintage Treasures

26 Oct

As the inseparable mother-and-son duo, we head to a local thrift shop in search of finding the solution to a Halloween costume, but we don’t just find masquerading fun … Continue reading

Catskills Hiking & Antique Airshow Equals Fall Fun

20 Oct

Braving the crisp fall weather in upstate New York, I spent a weekend camping and hiking in the Catskills with my son … and on the return trip home, we had a special treat of dropping by the Old Rhinebeck Areodrome airshow — a true “living” museum of antique aviation. Continue reading

Fashion for ‘An Indian Summer’

16 Oct

It’s not quite blustering and it’s not entirely blistering, it’s the beautiful seasonal phenom called “an Indian Summer” and it’s the perfect opportunity to blend summer and fall wear. Continue reading