Fall Looks Bold & Rich

23 Sep

Rich colors, textures and patterns can bring immense depth to a look while simply taking a regular skirt and shirt combination to the next level of style. But for me, the greater combination of variety just makes me ecstatic!

Photos by Christopher Doherty

As a little girl, I would marvel at the wall stacked high with brilliant colors as the columns of towels were displayed at the local department and box stores. I would try to pick out just one color that I would want to hang in my bath, yet, as I pulled that imaginary towel away from the others and placed it in a room by itself, the color suddenly seemed to loose its vibrancy.

I soon realized that I love color — all colors and all the colors together! Color never looks better than when complimented by another. So, when it came to this outfit, I was like a child dancing through the aisles of John Wanamaker’s wrapped in a rainbow of towels.

Unlike many of my other outfits which have taken years of maturation to acquire all the assembled pieces, this head-to-toe combination arrived in my closet within the past six months, albeit piece mail. (The shoes and the bodice-blouse were nabbed during my “Biking to Bergerline” adventure.)

Another love of mine is mixing patterns … and to share again from memory lane, my mother would tell you that I have been so inclined since I was about 5, when I triumphantly dressed myself wearing polka-dots and stripes together. She tried to show me that the two did not match, however, I poignantly pointed out that every shade of the dots matched the exact hues of every stripe.

And, there is something to that simplistic argument … you can mix a great number of patterns (I am wearing horizontal and vertical stripes with a patterned ascot) if they all share the same tones and build upon each other. Without further adieu, here are the details …

Proving that there are many ways to wear a hat, this felt 1940s number I am actually wearing “backwards.” The bow indicates it’s the back of the hat, yet, for me and this outfit, it just looked better from this direction, especially since some of the original shape has been lost.

This skirt was made from an original early 1950s pattern I found at a thrift store in Morgantown, PA.

How Much for ‘Fall Looks Bold & Rich”?

$1.00 Ascot (Thrift Store, NJ)
$2.50 Bodice Jacket (Bergerline Ave., Union City, NJ)
$3.50 Blue Hat (The Hill Top Country Store, Dushore, PA)
$5.00 Snake-Skin Flats (Easy Pickins Clearance Bin)
$25 1950s Pencil Skirt (Pattern, Material & Sewing Costs)
$20 Scottish Thistle & Thorn, Pewter & Amythest Pin (Tennessee Highland Games, Murfreesboro, TN)

{So} What’s the Take-Away?

Be a leaf …

While you may not share my affinity with color, fall is the perfect season for embracing rich colors and bold patterns. So, just like the autumn leaves, let go of your hang-ups and step out in a new direction.

Remember the frolicking fun of summer and just play with what’s hanging in your closet by combining various patterns and prints. Don’t go as extreme as my 5-year-old self with polka-dots and stripes, but do stripes and paisleys, or plaids and a wide bold stripe.

Consider that you don’t have to mix contrasting or complimentary colors to build depth, but can use various patterns and prints in a monochrome theme to create a look with as many layers as fall will bring to sidewalks and yards everywhere in just a couple weeks time!

Have fun playing and combining, my Thrifty, Vintage, Chicsters!

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6 Responses to “Fall Looks Bold & Rich”

  1. Dawn O'The Atoms September 23, 2010 at 8:20 PM #

    You look gorgeous! I especially like your color combinations…so rich and classy. The ascot and pin are just the thing! Isn’t it a relief to be able to accessorize again after the heat of summer–though I live in Florida and it’s still hazy/hot/humid here and will be another six weeks or so…so jealous! But I can live vicariously through your lovely photos 🙂


    • Thrifty Vintage Chic October 20, 2010 at 10:11 PM #

      I know — summer can be difficult for really accessorizing in layers! Yet, winter can be a bit of a fashion drag as half of the day seems to be spent covering up an outfit with a overcoat — at least, here in NYC where we walk nearly everywhere! Let’s vicariously flip-flop from time-to-time!


  2. Alicia Booker September 23, 2010 at 10:05 PM #

    I really like how you mix your colors! Lots of patterns going on in this outfit, but you have tastefully combined them….I would totally wear this outfit, except I might go with a black skirt with blue as trim.. I almost feel like the skirt overpowers that beautiful top you are wearing. But that it just me..You still pull this off really well, and show people not to be afraid of mixing patterns together! Great job ROBIN!! Also, I have this memory of going to an MTSU football game with you.. You chose to wear a bright blue sweater (like your hat in this photo) and olive green pants! I remember telling you how they didn’t match and you ended up wearing something different.. Well, now I feel bad because I see how you can blend bright blues with fall colors and it looks AWESOME!! Shame on ME!! You Rock Robin Wallace!!


    • Thrifty Vintage Chic October 20, 2010 at 10:19 PM #

      oh, Alicia … I completely remember that game! I was devastated by your evaluation of the outfit because I had been wearing that combination for a couple years and your thoughts on it gave me this nightmarish flashback that I had been looking stupid for quite a while, and thinking quite the opposite. Nevertheless, I do recognize that my eclectic and eccentric sense of style can go off-track, so it is always good to get some feedback …


  3. Ninjagaiden78 October 8, 2010 at 12:17 PM #

    I love the colors and that hat is dope!!!
    Great outfit, keep it up!!!



    • Thrifty Vintage Chic October 20, 2010 at 10:12 PM #

      hehe — thank you! Tickled to know my hat is “dope”!


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