Mad Men Casting Call Contest

14 Aug

Calling all “Mad Men” … Calling all “Mad Men” … Well, actually it’s a “Mad Men” Casting Call Contest where the most “Mad-Men” looking photo could hit the big time!

Photos by Christopher Doherty

How could I resist not throwing my hat into the ring when so much of my life and fashion sense comes from another era, such as the swanky and success-driven days of America post-WWII, in the dawn of the Baby Boomers? So here I am, entered in the running for the Grand Prize of appearing in an episode of “Mad Men” in Season 5.

The first half of the contest determines 10 men and 10 women to be the semi-finalists based on popular voting until Sept. 6th. Then Matthew Weiner, the Creator and Executive Producer of “Mad Men” will select the Grand Prize winner  “based on the following judging criteria: Does the photo reflect the “Mad Men” style – 60%; originality 40%.” (vote ‘yes’ for Miss Wallace)

The dress and jacket I chose is my most striking early 1960s set, made complete by a black (mink) fur halo and veil hat (inherited from my Great-Grandmother). The decision to wear this and story for the photo was simultaneously reached. Seeing that so many submitted photos went with the drinking, lounge and office settings, with a couple domestic scenes here and there, I wanted something different. Something that would stand out and speak to the human drama of that era … perhaps even tragedy, as my photo would tell a story … a woman in mourning.

Ironically, I was a woman in “morning” as this photo shoot began at 6am at Trinity Church near Wall Street on Wednesday. Please remember, this ensemble is 100% wool, with a fur collar and cuffs … the day’s temperature reached 93F with 73% humidity, so even that early in the morning, I was a little warm!

To see the submitted photo and to vote for me as the woman with the most “Mad Men” style,  Click Here!

But because this is Thrifty.Vintage.Chic., the big question is:

How Much Did “‘Med Men’ Casting Call” Cost?

$0 1960s Fur Halo & Black Veil Hat (inherited)
$.50 Vintage Handkerchief (Thrift Store, Honey Brook, Pa.)
$2 Vintage (Dark Navy Blue) Gloves (Rainbow Thrift Store, Towanda, Pa.)
$2 1960s Faux Alligator Leather Purse (Thrift Store, Rutherford Co., Tenn.)
$5 1960s Wool Dress & Fur-trimmed Jacket (Thrift Store, Honey Brook, Pa.)
$30 Black Leather Kitten-Heels (Marshalls)

(So) What’s the Take-Away?

Possibilities exist!

Vote everyday: from work, from home, from your cell!

It might be hard to find a mint condition 1960s ensemble, but it is possible. It might be a long-shot for a girl with a vintage passion to end up on the nation’s biggest hit TV series, but it is possible!

But, I am going to need some help from all of you to make it a reality!! You can only vote once a day from the same IP address, so if you have more than one computer or Web-enabled device, aka smart phone or iPad, you can vote multiple times! Right now, I am approximately ranked No. 400, out of more than 3,500 entries … So, I know that with a little bit more support my ranking will start to snowball with more and more mainstream voters catching a real glimpse of an authentic and original “Mad Men” gal!   Vote HERE!

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  • All images on Thrifty.Vintage.Chic. are shot in the context of real life — ie before or after the work day. All images on Thrifty.Vintage.Chic. are not altered with post-production “airbrushing” or touch-ups. All images and written copy on Thrifty.Vintage.Chic. are copyright protected and may not be used without first gaining written permission.


4 Responses to “Mad Men Casting Call Contest”

  1. Dawn O'The Atoms September 1, 2010 at 12:51 PM #

    You look fabulous! So totally Jackie at Jack’s wake/funeral. Here’s hoping you win! Now, go get ’em.


    • robinesque September 2, 2010 at 11:12 AM #

      aw, thank you so, so much!! I need all the votes I can get because it seems that no matter how authentic some people look, it does come down to being popular enough to get the surge of votes to be among the top 10 (those of whom currently are not all that original or period-correct). I am hoping that if they run this contest next year, there is an adaptation to how the semi-finalists and finalists are chosen … just my to cents!


  2. Denise September 10, 2010 at 6:38 PM #

    Great look, you have my vote!



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    […] Check out one of the beautiful 1960s dress-bolero jacket combination I found during this thrifting trip in this Thrifty Vintage Chic post: Mad Men Casting Call. […]


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