Anchors Away: Hurray for the Red, White & Blue!

4 Jul

In spirit of the holiday — the Fourth of July — here’s a little outfit which has a subtle patriotic and maritime theme working hand-in-hand, or rather should I say — working head-to-toe?

Photos by Christopher Doherty

But first … have you ever considered why nautical themes and the costume of a sailor garners patriotic symbolism? Maybe its because nautical existence and survival at sea — whether it be at war or sailing the seven seas — evokes high-flung thoughts of adventure and romance, which parallels the spirit that this nation was settled under (exploring the outer boundaries, struggling to survive against all odds, relying on the ones to your left and right for the perseverance of your life)?

Well, aside from my musings, nautical inspired fashion scream summer, frolicking and youth. Always with white and blue, red stands as a perfect contrast and accent, but on this day I decided to go with a more monochrome look by wearing a navy faux alligator skin belt, a navy/blue vintage hat (originally, I believe paired with a raincoat), and blue strappy sandals (which I am not in love with any more — something to do with them being a good 10 years old — but still serve a purpose as my only navy summer footwear).

Now all of that works fine together, but is mostly boring … until, I added in a little detail: the jumbo-size houndstooth scarf. Bold doesn’t have to come from contrasting colors, and by using a bold pattern, albeit in the same monochrome color, I got the accent I needed.

As for the hat, I mentioned earlier it is more of a practical hat by design than for a fashion statement, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be made to make one.

Hats can be worn in so many differing ways and just by playing with the angle of the brim and the tilt of how you set it on your head, you can come up with lots of varying styles.

This method was required to take this hat from looking like something found in the closet of Paddington’s cousin to something suitable for a chic 20-something.

Lastly, the bag anchors the blue theme and nicely highlights the nautical details with its twisted-rope strap and the patriotic center red and white accenting lines.

How Much for “Anchors Away”?

$.75 Faux Alligator Skin Navy Belt (Lancaster Co., PA, Goodwill)
$2.00 Vintage Houndstooth Scarf (Chester Co, PA, Salvation Army)
$2.50 Vintage Hat (Bergen Co., NJ, Salvation Army)
$4.99 Nautical Print, Cotton Shirt Dress (Hudson Co., NJ, Salvation Army)
$5.00 Vintage Canvas Bag (Rutherford Co., TN, Thrift Store)
$15.00 Navy Nine West Sandals (Rutherford Co., TN, Consignment Shop)

(So) What’s the Take-Away?

Monochrome has a certain elegance that speaks boldly …

But that can only be true when you accessorize with the right details. The saying goes: the devil is in the details, and this is so true when it comes down to making an outfit pop. To me, this was a very simple, casual and quickly thrown together outfit but because of the dramatic details — ie hat, scarf and bag — it looks quite the opposite.

Achieving this in your wardrobe can happen by building — navy shoes, navy hat, navy belt, navy printed scarf. Then you add those elements to a red dress, pink dress, white blouse and green pants — and, wahla! Fashion magic … you are a thrifty, vintage, chic fashionista!

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One Response to “Anchors Away: Hurray for the Red, White & Blue!”

  1. Alicia Booker October 18, 2010 at 9:47 PM #

    ummm.. I want the purse!!!! to cool!


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