Getting Schooled 1970s Style

30 Jun

High school always brings a mix of emotions and memories … but always its nostalgic and what better way to remember high school years then by mixing your favorite clothes from that era with a new, more sophisticated edge?

Photos by Christopher Doherty

During my glory days, we were fond of mixing grunge and punk with a lot of looks from the 1960s and 70s: borrowing the wide bell-bottom look and wild polyester prints for our funky edge. (I think its funny how kids nowadays are giving new life to the 80s; This paired with my HS experience, make it seem like high school trends are in a 25-30 year pattern of dipping into the past.)

This shirt I bought in high school at a local thrift shop and I often wore it with my favorite surplus Army cargo-style pants.

These pants, I also bought in high school at a local thrift shop — perhaps, the same one, but my memory isn’t that good! But I do remember lamenting that the pants were so cool — the color, the wide leg — but that high waist, gag me! So I always wore an un-tucked shirt with it, and was a bit sad that the pocket detail was lost in trying to cover up the very “uncool” waistline.

Despite several closet purges, these two pieces survived my college years and subsequent phases of life, and now, I am fulling appreciating the classic lines of these pants while showing off the cleanly tucked in and perfectly matching polyester print’s floral hue and pants’ pink.

Ironically. this is the first time I have ever worn these two pieces together and yet they are fashion soul mates — meaning, they herald from the same era and gloriously suited for one another!

How much for ‘Getting Schooled 1970s Style’?

$.25 1980s White Faux Alligator Belt (Pa. Goodwill)
$1.50 1980s Glass Bead & Brass Necklace (Pa. thrift store)
$5.00 1970s Polyester Floral Shirt (Pa. Goodwill)
$7.00 1970s Pink Cotton Twill Trousers (Pa. Salvation Army)
$15.00 Retro Camel Brown Heels (Easy Pickens Clearance)
$30.00 Retro Wool Crop Jacket (Gap Clearance Racks)

(So) What’s the Take-Away?

Don’t let an era define your clothes.

This means, don’t let the fact that you wore something in high school or in college, make you turn a blind eye to something that has redeeming fashion sense when worn in a new way. In other words — “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water” purely because your clothes have “Guilt by association.”

The polyester shirt almost hit the charity pile a couple times because I felt like having something in my closet from when I was a “kid” made me stuck in the past, or lacking a sense of maturity and stature. Yet, that couldn’t be further from the truth, as now, I can totally “own” the look of that shirt — from a grunge teen to a polished 1970s co-ed!

Conversely, don’t pass over a “find” because there is a “detail” you don’t like — such as my first thought about high-waisted pants. Find a way to wear the piece in a way that makes you comfortable, but give it time and you might be surprised to see that your original hang-up disappears as you finally grow into your clothes — bringing the “thrifty-vintage-chic” cycle full circle!


3 Responses to “Getting Schooled 1970s Style”

  1. Milt June 30, 2010 at 9:07 PM #

    “Patch pockets….I had forgotten about patch pockets….and you bring the era ALIVE…..WELL DONE….YRRHBY!!!”


    • Angela Satterfield June 30, 2010 at 10:09 PM #

      I want to know how you did your hair like that! The whole kit n’ kaboodle is a great look!


  2. Alicia Booker October 18, 2010 at 9:50 PM #

    Dang! You make pink pants HOT!


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