RobinEsque evolves into Thrifty.Vintage.Chic.

26 May

For you smart cookies in the crowd, there have been clues in previous entries that this day would come.

Actually, I’ve even spilled the beans … literally saying “thrifty, vintage, chic” as a sort of calling card tagline. (Here a clue, there a clue, everywhere a clue, clue …)

But, if you are new to the site, or didn’t quite catch the hints … RobinEsque is on the brink of going from its Web 1.0 version into a more spry Web 2.0 form. This is great news, because what started at a little beta experiment is turning into something more — per your demand! SO, thank you!!

For now, the domain and name change is just the first step in the process. Stay tuned … and don’t be too shocked when the big unveil happens!

~ Post Script ~

In the short time that (my) RobinEsque became an active blog, it became the No. 1 ranked search result by Google under “RobinEsque.” The reason this is a “big” deal and why I (parens.) “My” earlier, is because there are a lot of previously established RobinEsque sites out there … who knew? So for mine to beat them to the top of Google search, well, that speaks volumes — especially if you are a Google analytics and SEO junkie.

Again, THANK YOU! And, can’t wait to see the results of Thrify.Vintage.Chic. in a couple months’ time!


One Response to “RobinEsque evolves into Thrifty.Vintage.Chic.”

  1. annie q. syed May 26, 2010 at 3:31 PM #

    See i told ya, you and this space was special the moment I stumbled here for a non-fashionista!

    LOVE IT….great things are happening….

    will email you soon as well.




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