A Happy Black & Brown Marriage

12 May

Sometimes it takes a while to pull an outfit together — and I am not talking minutes or hours, rather years. This is one such example.

But to have it mix black and brown, made the wait all worth it! The handmade vintage dress I picked up while I was in college and I wore it over those years, but post college it somehow fell out of favor with me (I think because the turtle neck style neckline and sleeveless bodice wasn’t entirely complimentary, an somewhat warm as a polyester blend).

I almost put it on the give-away pile when I realized I hadn’t worn it in years — yet, there is something about vintage that just can’t be purged from the closet — it’s one of a kind and never can be replaced. So, I hung on to it … and finally, the perfect outfit emerged, just with luck! A year or so ago, I picked up a couple jackets from Daffy’s, and the deep chocolate brown button up was one of them.

But I never thought about pairing it with the dress until I realized that my new hat was going to work well with the dress. (My new hat, well that means it is new to me, seeing that it is 70 years old.)

The brown velour hat with pheasant feather is the epitome of the 1940s, but with its distinct style, the outfit had to match on so many levels — needing a strong, bold style with a feminine flair.

Thankfully with the dress so elegantly marrying black and brown, while having a soft, delicate bell-shaped skirt, that hat was a perfect fit!

How much for ‘A Happy Black & Brown Marriage’?

$7 Nude Fishnet, Back-Seam Stockings (online retailer)
$10 Brown Jacket (Daffy’s)
$10 Vintage Brown & Black Dress (Tenn. thrift store)
$21 Velour 1940s Hat (with 50% discount at ArtsEcho)
$30 Black Leather Kitten-Heels (Marshalls)

(So) What’s the Take-away?

Patience is a virtue.

I am so incredibly thankful that I hung onto this dress … and that I was lucky enough to have the right elements picked up along the way to make everything work together in making such a statement. But this outfit also is a good reminder that brown and black can make good bedfellows.

take a look at your wardrobe and consider new options for making your thrifty, vintage, chic statement! But remember … have fun and never take fashion too seriously!

Feeding the local friendly wildlife!

Photos Special Courtesy of Christopher Doherty


3 Responses to “A Happy Black & Brown Marriage”

  1. annie q. syed May 18, 2010 at 1:01 AM #

    I am so not a shopaholic nor a fashionista. Shopping is not a favorite pastime. I don’t even buy fashion magazines. But I like style. If that makes sense. All this is to say, I love this blog and I LOVE this post. I have been doing the black & brown mix for sometime and it is about time it is ‘cool’. 🙂




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