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RobinEsque evolves into Thrifty.Vintage.Chic.

26 May

For you smart cookies in the crowd, there have been clues in previous entries that this day would come.

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Play the Matching Game

24 May

To give this early '80s dress an updated look, I cut off its 3/4-length, elastic-gathered sleeves into a basic short-sleeve.

The holiday weekend looms ahead and as you finish off the crazy, pre-long weekend crush of work, here’s a short and sweet fashion tip for Memorial Day: Let your clothes match your environment.

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Sleepwear in Public: ‘Backward’ & ‘Uncivilized’

17 May

NY Times Illustration by Erik T. Johnson

What’s a little infringement on freedom of speech if it cleans up the “riff-raff” look so widely adopted as acceptable? Shanghai seems to think this is a good idea as it moves to ban the public wearing of pajamas. Continue reading

A Happy Black & Brown Marriage

12 May

Sometimes it takes a while to pull an outfit together — and I am not talking minutes or hours, rather years. This is one such example. Continue reading