Last Call … Until Fall!

27 Apr

It’s that in-between of the seasons where you not quite sure if you should pull out the summer trunks and stow away the sweaters, which means this is the last call for your wool pencil skirt!

Well, in full disclosure, I wore this outfit at the crossover between fall and winter — and because of A Bump in the Road, the intent for this post got archived. Of course, it doesn’t diminish the importance of classics, such as white button ups and pencil skirts. While I am not a huge fan the pillbox, I couldn’t deny the perfect fit of  two 1950s benchmarks in fashion going together for a day.

Sometimes wearing a hat can save you from a bad hair day -- as I have found that letting my hair down (without the unkempt look) can take more styling time than just pulling it back in a pony tail and twisting the loose locks into a labrynth bun.

And, yes … I am not wearing it in the traditional straight on manner. For some reason, I have always felt that look to be a little too “square” for my taste, so I gave it a little angle to the side of my part … enough to make sure it didn’t look like it was accidentally slipping from my pins.

(Photos by my special resident photographer ... my 5-year-old son!)

And you can’t do such a classic look without also wearing back-seam stockings.

Total Cost of ‘Last Call’?

$.25 Red Belt (PA Goodwill)
$1 White/Black Beads (PA Thrift Store)
$2.5o Pillbox (NJ Salvation Army)
$6 Cuban Heel Stockings (Online)
$10 White Button-Up (NY & Co.)
$30 Black Leather Kitten Heels (Marshalls)

(S0) What’s the Take-Away?

It’s never too late to wear classics … or too early to make them your own!

Because this is textbook classic, the only styling aspect of this I can claim is popping the collar and wearing a 1980s 3-in-1 strand of flat, pebble like white and black beads. That detail brought a little more energy to the outfit with its swinging beat of youthfulness. So this was my contribution to the look, but the real credit goes to a woman who went before me.

This wool pencil skirt has a special meaning to me: It was my Grandmother’s. So classic is this look that I remember her wearing it in the ’80s when we would go visit. Now, I am wearing it and I can hardly believe that it has been “in circulation” for so long, let alone that I am old enough to fill it out, as well as to carry it with the grace and maturity (or so I hope) as she once did. “Good fashion always stays in style” is what they say, and here is the proof … the pencil skirt originated in the 50s, it survived the 80s (via my childhood memories) and today it is still going strong.

3 things every wardrobe should have: a pencil skirt, a white collared shirt and a red belt. Together they are a perfect outfit and separately they make the other options hanging in your closet more versatile. And they are the back bone for you being thrifty, vintage and chic!


5 Responses to “Last Call … Until Fall!”

  1. wulan April 28, 2010 at 1:45 AM #

    heeeyyy love the bunnnn…
    how did u do that?


    • robinesque April 29, 2010 at 7:05 AM #

      Just a pony tail that I sectioned off into strands to twist about each other and the actual “pony tail” until it was nothing but an intricate bun. Give it a try!!


  2. Angela Satterfield April 28, 2010 at 10:08 PM #

    LUV your style, Robin. That Jazz History class really made an impression on your wardrobe! That is a fond memory for me- the class itself and also getting to know you- probably my favorite class at MTSU.
    Angela from the ‘boro


    • robinesque April 29, 2010 at 7:03 AM #

      Thanks, Angela! (My style has stayed the same over the years — ask my family — however, my ability to be bold enough to wear “it” daily is what has matured.) I actually took the class because I was so into jazz but ended up sorely disappointed because it focused so much on the avant-garde movement and not much on the “jazz age” where hot jazz was all the rage with greats like Jelly Roll Morton, Irving Miller or Fats Waller. And, definitely, the silver lining was meeting you!! So glad we are staying in touch …



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