Daffadown Dilly

19 Apr

Because spring means daffodils, and a host of other lovely things, there’s no better way to show off your stems then by matching the radiance of the season’s bursting blooms.

Photos by Christopher Doherty

The only vintage item of this outfit is the hat, but altogether with a white linen A-line skirt, a tailored yellow blouse and black Mary Jane shoes, the effect is a chic Parisian holding fast to the age-old romanticism of the city of lights.

The only real “twist” to this ensemble is the necklace — remember the fad of stringed pearls on ribbons? Well, this needed a jewelry detail, but pearls alone didn’t quite work and black strands of beads were too much. So I used the black ribbon as a detail to the necklace itself — almost like a tie-scarf — and the pearls were the added layer of detail, where it actually looked like a separate piece.

So how much for the Daffadown Dilly?


$.25 Black Alligator Belt (PA Goodwill)
$2.50 Vintage Hat (NJ Salvation Army)
$5.00 Tailored Yellow Blouse (Local Variety Store)
$10.00 A-line White Linen Skirt (H&M)
$15.00 Black Mary Janes (DSW)
Gifted Pearl & Black Ribbon Necklace

(So) What’s the Take-Away?

Even fads can be re-used … and classics never fade!

The pearl ribbon necklace was a gift that never was worn until I needed it to literally tie together the black shoes and black belt to match the heightened drama of the hat. Now, as for classic, the white linen A-line is a perfect example of a wardrobe must-have as it is universal as the day is long — wear it to the beach as a cover-up, wear it with canvas skimmers and a cotton T-shirt to a picnic, or wear it as a cafe-going Parisian!

Special thanks to Christopher Doherty for these “fantabulous” photos!

Photos by Christopher Doherty


2 Responses to “Daffadown Dilly”

  1. Elisabeth April 20, 2010 at 11:14 AM #

    There’s that gorgeous lady- always with impeccable style and grace!!! Could this be one of our lovely jaunts in Bryant Park? oh how I miss those days, you have no idea.


    • robinesque April 22, 2010 at 2:10 PM #

      yes, m’am!! I’ll have to post the photo of us all … with your permission, of course! Good memories, fun times, which we have to do again and SOON!!


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