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Home Sweet Home: No. 2

31 Mar

The Library of Congress: Every home needs a token bookcase to display those texts from college worth keeping and to show off collectible editions of turn-of-the-century forgotten poets and novelists — if not for their elaborate bindings, then for their enriched content? But just like the medley of characters encased upon the shelves, so should a bookcase have character. Continue reading


When You Don’t Feel ‘Fashion’

9 Mar

My Dad and I, in December, shortly after I was released from the hospital. As soon as this photo was snapped, I headed off to one of my 3-hour mid-day naps to deal with the head pain and other symptoms. This was during my "I'm lucky to even be getting dressed" phase of recovery.

Fashion doesn’t come easy, at least not every day, and not to all of us. Although, I have this blog and have a wardrobe that says otherwise, it’s not always something that just happens for me. And most recently, this was no more clear to me than being in the hospital and my subsequent recovery at home. Continue reading