Taking it Easy in Black

7 Oct

091530FashionFullBodIt’s the middle of the week — hump day — you’ve woken up late and looking fabulous is not an option, or is it? Enter the “basic” black dress, savior of the rushed! Hoping to eek out a couple more days of short-sleeve fashion, I jumped into this flirty black, empire-waist dress, with smocking detail on the bodice. (Plus, it saved time on the “coordinating” and ironing side of things.)091509FashionShoes

Then, to add a splash of color, I grabbed a new mauve-colored pair of Italian leather heels (ooo — I can’t wait to spill the beans about these beauties!) which went perfectly with a dusty rose, fishnet pair of stockings. To top off the ensemble, I visited my scarf box to grab a mauve/dusty rose kerchief and held it in place with a black and gray vintage pin.

Estimated Total Cost: $25.75 to $35.75091509FashionDetails

$10-20 Flirty Black Dress (can’t remember the exact price — but it was no less than $10, and certainly no more than $20 at Charlotte Russe)
$6.50 Brand New Italian Leather Mauve Heels (at a Salvation Army in Englewood, NJ)
$7 Rose Fishnet Tights (Discounted Clearance item at Bloomingdales, NYC)
$.25 Mauve/Rose Scarf (at a Thrift Store in Pa.)
$2 Vintage Daisy Pin (at a Flea Market in Pa.)

091509Fashion-UpperBodSure, this wasn’t an Earth-shattering outfit, but it takes the cake when it comes to impact — the lack of impact on the wallet, and the hefty impression made when walking out of the house. But the most beautiful thing is that it’s an outfit where you can look great with even trying.

Today’s secret is in the dress!! That’s right … a dress with universal lines — good for work, or the late happy hour bar scene — and one that might even seem boring, in terms of print or color, but that gives you the freedom for making endless looks. This same dress can have 15 different looks to it once I mix up the style, pattern and color pallets of the accessories: shoes, hosiery, scarf or jewelry.

My advice:
Identify that dress in your current wardrobe that is your “in-a-rush” savior and if you don’t have one, well, then I’d suggest you hit the clearance racks. Notice, I didn’t say “go shopping” rather an actual location in most stores — usually the back, corner sections of retailers is where the end-of-season, or surplus garments are priced to move. Start looking for that dress there, first … then move from the back of the store frontward — the prices usually increase the closer you get to the door!

And while you are searching, my biggest suggestion is for the wrap shirt dress — I have three!! (There will be a blog entry on this phenom in the near future!) You will get the most compliments on how nice or “dressed up” you look — even though it will have only taken 3-minutes to go from jammies to a clean, sophisticated look.

Lastly, once you know/have your “saving grace,” think about the accessories you already have that will work with your dress. Make those couple items your pinch hitters for making you go from “dressed” to “dressed to the nines.”


2 Responses to “Taking it Easy in Black”

  1. Barbara Wallace October 16, 2009 at 8:49 PM #

    Love the shoes with dress. Scarf and pin could be adapted (don’t know about the open v-neck with scraf to side??).


  2. David P. Lochner February 9, 2010 at 1:40 AM #

    I’ve got to get you to be my personal shopper one day.


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