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Going Abroad – English Style

16 Oct

100109FashionFullBodIt’s pretty ironic that a time of the year when everything is dying can be when so many aspects of everyday life are the most vibrant … Equally as ironic is the outfit which looks amazing but feels so comfortable … or that looks so incredibly high-end, yet is affordable.
Irony: that is what today’s ensemble embodies most.

Matching the season’s vibrant foliage, this outfit brought out the best of various rich earth-tones and flaming sunset hues. I started from the top with my newest addition to my hat collection — a 1950s English-hunt inspired ruched, deep purple, nearly brown velour hat — a lucky find at my local trendy, second-hand boutique (more on this deal in a short minute).
100109FashionHatProfile100909FashionHatCTR100109FashionHatProfile2 Continue reading


Taking it Easy in Black

7 Oct

091530FashionFullBodIt’s the middle of the week — hump day — you’ve woken up late and looking fabulous is not an option, or is it? Enter the “basic” black dress, savior of the rushed! Hoping to eek out a couple more days of short-sleeve fashion, I jumped into this flirty black, empire-waist dress, with smocking detail on the bodice. (Plus, it saved time on the “coordinating” and ironing side of things.)091509FashionShoes

Then, to add a splash of color, I grabbed a new mauve-colored pair of Italian leather heels (ooo — I can’t wait to spill the beans about these beauties!) which went perfectly with a dusty rose, fishnet pair of stockings. To top off the ensemble, I visited my scarf box to grab a mauve/dusty rose kerchief and held it in place with a black and gray vintage pin. Continue reading

Making it ‘Pop’

2 Oct

093009FashionFullBodyThis outfit was about taking a bold pair of stockings that already “popped” but blending them with an outfit that “popped” from head-to-toe … and amazingly enough, I had all the right accessories in the right color tones to pull it off. But I’ll let you be the judge of that!

093009FashionBackSeamsSo, once again, I started building the outfit from the stockings — the most outspoken part of the ensemble.

To make the crazy, plum back-seams have a grounded look, I paired them with a classic navy blue-and-white Swiss polka dot dress, with a full A-line skirt … and for kicks, I wore a petticoat to make the skirt become a soft, full bell shape. Continue reading

Re-Inventing the Wheel

1 Oct

091409Fashion01FullBody091409Fashion04BackSeamsToday’s outfit was about mixing the vintage old with the new classic.
I started with the notion that I was going to wear my new nude back-seam stockings and a hat. Getting dressed on the fly, I put on the stockings and then determined my textured patent leather Mary Jane wedges would be the best shoes — quickly avoiding the chance of snagging a runner walking around! Continue reading